What are Artistic Metal Logs ?

What if you could achieve the same look and feel of the high end ski resorts, like Vail, Aspen, Lake Tahoe, etc, in your own back yard ??  That's exactly what we've created for your residential fire pit or outdoor fireplace.


Tired of lava rock fire pits with no character ?  How about the cheap ceramic logs (like the kind that came with your fireplace) that are boring and don't radiate the heat like a real campfire ? Our metal logs are not only one of a kind but will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.  They are not mass produced in factories.  They are created one at a time by metal artisans for a look that will be yours and yours alone.


Our individually sculptured log sets are fueled by natural or propane gas and crafted from heavy duty steel.  All you have to do is turn on the gas and ignite -- it couldn't be easier.  As you can see from the many pictures on our website, the flames oooze in and out of the cracks and holes sculpted in the logs to create a mesmerizing visual.  Unlike ceramic logs, these actually release heat to the surrounding area, utilizing efficiency to further enjoy the log's virtues.  Imagine this, with our Artistic Steel Logs, you can use your fire pit or outdoor fireplace year round, regardless of your climate !!


For more information, call us at 720-336-9960, email us at info@rockymountainironlogs.com or there's plenty of information on our products right here on this website -- go ahead and explore the possibilities !!


Why would you want or need them ??


1) They will heat the area around your fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

2) Achieve a ski-resort look in your own backyard.

3) They will last many times longer than Ceramic Logs.  Many Fireplace retailers are no longer recommending or even selling Ceramic Logs for outdoor applications because they break down so quickly.

4) Allows your outdoor fire pit or fireplace to be used year round.

5) They look like art, day or night.

6) They are made using reclaimed steel, very "Green", right here in the USA.


Why Rocky Mountain Iron Logs ??


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