Tee Pee Style Log Sets


Our Tee Pee style was the original log configuration.  It screams "camp fire" with it's time honored set-up.  The Tee Pee is our most majestic log configuration.  It is taller than the others and creates the most exterior radiant heat due to the amount of steel that actually stands above the level of your fire pit.  It is only available in Platinum.


Tee Pee Pros:

  1)  Most radiant heat.

  2)  Very noticeable, near and far.

  3)  Traditional in it's configuration


Tee Pee Cons:

  1)  Can obstruct the site line to those seated across fire pit.

  2)  Due to height, may need more flame than the other configurations.


We build our product to order so that we can create the logs that best fit your fire pit.  Lead times are usually 2-3 weeks.  Feel free to call our RMI Reps (720-336-9960) if you have any questions.  Click here to begin shopping for your logs !!

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