Gold/Platinum vs Silver/Bronze *


Which series is right for me ??


*  The series name (Platinum, Gold etc.) has nothing to do with the color of the logs.  With time, they all patina/rust to a lovely, deep brown color.



Gold/Platinum Product


Think Cadillac/Lexus …


The best we make !  Offered in all configurations.

• Awesome flame visuals and radiant heating

• More realistic wood look-Extra detail.

• Cut off off branches

• Accents available (Platinum)

  - The logs for Gold and Platinum are the same

    - Platinum adds a package of twigs, needles & Pine Cones

• Prices start at $1199.00

• 10 year warranty

For the discerning customer that wants the highest quality, most interesting and most realistic Artistic Steel Log product that will last as long as their fire pit or fireplace (Platinum adds an awesome accent package to your set up).


Bronze/Silver Product


Think Chevy/Toyota …


Still a great product and a great value.  Offered in all configurations

• Made from the same 1/4 inch reclaimed steel as our Gold/Platinum product

• Looks great and rusts just like the Gold/Platinum product

No cut off branches or bark/wood treatment

• Same awesome flame visuals and radiant heating

• Still a hundred times better than ceramic logs or lava rock !!

Silver adds end-caps to all of the logs.

• 5 year warranty -- Prices start at $599.00

For the customer that loves the look and feel of Artistic Steel Logs that is more budget conscience.




No end caps


End caps added


Adds bark, cut off branches


Adds accent pkg of twigs, needles & Pine Cones

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