Have It Your Way


Personalize your logs to fit your style and budget.


Platinum, Gold or Bronze Logs ?

Choose the solution that best meets your needs and budget.  Click here to see the differences.


Classic or Artsy Logs ?

Do you like a Classic look that resembles real wooden logs or a more Artsy look that resembles artwork in your fire pit ?  Click here for more information and pictures detailing your options.


Accents to add "Wow" to your logs ?

Would you like to enhance your log set to look even better ?  Click here for info and pictures of our Accents (included in all Platinum packages) or available to purchase a la carte.


Add your artwork to bring a personal touch to your logs & fire pit

Add your family name, your school or favorite pro team.  How about you favorite hobby ? In memory of a loved one ?  The possibilities are endless and look awesome !  Click here for a few ideas.


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