Hybrid Stack Log Sets


Customers came to us and asked for something between the Tee Pee and the Collapsed Stack.  With the goal of taking the best of both products, we developed what has become the Hybrid Stack.  It is available only for fire pits with an inner diameter of at least 26 inches.


It uses the lower profile set up, like the Collapsed Stack, but also creates some of the majesty and greater heating properties of the Tee Pee.  It allows those everyone seated around the fire pit to see everyone else regardless if they are seated across from them.  Since it's introduction, it has become our top seller and customers have raved about it.


Hybrid Stack Pros:

  1)  Very visual set up with lots of interesting flame patterns.

  2)  Since it's lower profile, does not obstruct view for those seated across or of any views/vistas that may exist.

  3)  Medium flame height.  Ideal for fire pits with smaller gas lines or those that wish to use less gas/propane.

  4)  Still radiates plenty of heat to those seated around (somewhat less than the Tee Pee).

  5)  Less majestic in appearance than the Tee Pee but more-so than the Collapsed Stack.


Hybrid Stack Cons:

  1)  Only offered in sizes of fire pits with inner diameters greater than 26 inches.


We build our product to order so that we can create the logs that best fit your fire pit.  Lead times are usually 2-3 weeks.  Feel free to call our RMI Reps (720-336-9960) if you have any questions.  Click here to begin shopping for your logs !!


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