Artistic Fire Pit Log Sets


Check out the pictures to the left.  Our metal artists create each log one-at-a-time to create a visual masterpiece in your fire pit.  The flames ooze in and out of the holes and cracks of each log.  The set is designed to be self-installed by you in a matter of minutes.  You won't need a fork lift to install our logs !!  If you already have a fire pit, you can take advantage of the existing gas piping or if your fire pit is new, start your new fire pit off right with a beautiful set of Artistic Steel Logs.


They are also designed to absorb and radiate heat to the exterior of your fire pit.  It takes 10-20 minutes to fully heat up and they stay hot for hours after your fire is turned off.  Whether you use natural gas or a propane source, you’ll enjoy hour after hour sitting around your fire pit.  Our customers tell us that they used to shut down their fire pit around Halloween and open it back up around the first of April.  Not any more !  They are able to use their fire pit year round due to the heating the logs create.  Imagine sitting around your fire pit in the middle of January (in all climates).


Our products are certified “green”.  They are created using reclaimed steel to keep our landfills from overflowing.  We use 1/4” steel to insure that your logs will stand the test of time and the elements.  They are designed to rust over time to develop a deep brown color that looks more and more like real wood logs as time goes on.  When we ship them to you, they may not have any rust or limited rust on the exterior.  Rest assured, a couple rains, snow and whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw at them, and your logs will mature into the beautiful work of art you will cherish for many years.


We build our product to order so that we can create the logs that best fit your fire pit.  Lead times are usually 3-4 weeks.


Feel free to call our Reps (720-336-9960) if you have any questions.

Getting  Artistic Iron Logs for your own fire pit

 is an easy 5 step process:


1.  Configuration:

Determine if you prefer the Collapsed Stack, Hybrid Stack or the Tee Pee Style.  Look at the many more pictures in our Gallery for a better idea of what you might prefer.


2.  Product Features:

Determine if you prefer the Platinum/Gold or Silver/Bronze Artistic Steel Logs.  Click here to see the difference.


3.  Log Styles:

Do you like them to look "Artsy" -- lots of creative holes, cracks and designs on your logs ?

Do you prefer a "Classic" look -- looks more like real wood logs ?  Click here to see the difference between Artsy and Classic.


4.  Personalize your set:

Look at our accents (branches, twigs & pine cones) to personalize your Artistic Steel Log Set.  Accents are included in our Platinum packages.  Add your own artwork to truly make your logs your own.


5.  Submit Fire Pit Dimensions:

Use our configuration form to submit your fire pit dimensions.  This will help our consultants develop the best solution for your fire pit.


Pricing for all sizes.


A  representative will contact you by phone (usually within an hour or two) to discuss your solution.  Every fire pit is different - your solution will reflect a custom, build-to-order set.  Our personal touch is the difference ...

Most Affordable Custom Steel Logs


Our customers have told us "thank you" many times for making a custom Artistic Iron Log solution for residential fire pits that is affordable. With our new Silver and Bronze product offering, this is more true than ever.  Click here to start configuring your set !

Phone/Text -- 720-336-9960

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