Classic or Artsy Style ??


We allow you to choose your style preference for your logs (Platinum/Gold Only).



Do you want your fire pit to resemble real wooden logs ?  If so, choose The Classic.  This will have holes, cracks, knots and branches that somewhat closely resemble what real logs would look like in your fire pit.  They still are very "artistic" but lack that extra flare of our Artsy Style.




99.9 percent of the time, your logs are going to be sitting in your fire pit without fire.  Why not have them look like art ?  This way, when you're enjoying your yard or simply looking out your window, you can see a sculpture in your fire pit.  We carve the logs to have interesting shapes and designs that look like art.


Look at the pictures to get an idea of your options.  If you're still unsure, feel free to call our consultants to discuss further.  You can always specify Combo and we'll give you some of each.  We want you to be happy with whatever choice you make.


Feel free to call our RMI Reps (720-336-9960) if you have any questions.


Timeless look of real wooden logs


Extra flare that resembles Art

Phone/Text -- 720-336-9960

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