Highlands Ranch, CO

We love to sit around our fire pit.  When we had the lava rock in our pit, it was still fun but not very satisfying.  Since we installed our new logs, we use our pit much more.  In addition, friends have commented that it’s much warmer seated around our pit and so cool to look at.  We are now able to enjoy our fire pit in December !  That was not even something that we thought about before we installed these logs.  Thanks so much !!

Lafayette, CO

My kids love the new logs (we love them too).  They like to roast marshmallows and the lava rock just didn’t really allow that without each marshmallow catching fire.  They can now slow-cook their marshmallows to a golden brown.  On top of that, we get lots of complements on how nice they look.

Castle Pines, CO

We had actually spent quite a bit on the ceramic logs we had previously.  Visually, they just looked blah.  Since we installed the steel logs, the whole space around our outdoor fireplace is now cozy warm.  My wife now asks me to turn on the fireplace (she used to only come outside on warm nights).  Our steel logs look amazing, with or without fire !!

Bowmar, CO

The new steel logs have totally changed our fire pit from the ceramic logs we had originally installed.  In fact, the steel logs form an amazing sculpture by day and a cozy fire by night!  An additional benefit is that the heat is infinitely higher with the steel logs.  We have found that we even use the fire pit on summer evenings although we are looking forward to turning it up on colder evenings in the fall and winter.

Hillsborough, CA

They look amazing!!!  Installed them last Friday.  I love them and so does everyone else, including my designer, that have seen them.  I am sending them all your contact info :-)

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